It Began in a Barn in 1949

Cross Manufacturing, Inc. began in a barn in South Central Kansas in 1949. From those humble beginnings, an idea drawn on a napkin – an agricultural tie rod cylinder – pioneered a new era of farming automation.Continue reading 

Made in Kansas, since 1949

Made In Ks 2

Founded in 1949, Cross Manufacturing has always called Kansas home. Over 70 years later, with manufacturing plants in Hays, Lewis and Pratt, and corporate headquarters in Overland Park, we still call Kansas home and are honored to be a part of the Made in Kansas initiative. We invite you to check out the other manufacturers producing a range of goods and...Continue reading 

Let’s “Cross” Paths at IFPE


Of the 6,500 exhibitors at the IFPE Show, Cross isn’t the one to skip.  Our 74 years’ worth of hydraulic product design and manufacturing for the world’s most demanding equipment makes Cross the go-to company for today’s manufacturers and distributors.Continue reading