B and C Series Directional Control Valve Detent Kit

PART NO. 1V0294

With this option, the valve spool will remain in any of three positions in which it is placed manually. There is no spring return to neutral when this detent option is installed.

Note: It is not possible to field install a pressure detent or automatic kickback to neutral on a manual valve because a special internal machining which must be done at the factory at the time the valve is built is required.

Manuals And Options B C Series Manual Detent

To convert from the standard 3-position spring-centered version to a 3-position detent, proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the four socket head cap screws and end cap.
  2. Remove the socket head cap screw from the spool end and take out the spring centering mechanism.
  3. Position the retainer plate (1A0710) on the end of the valve body for the C series or on top of the 3/8" thick spacer on the BA series (not shown) which is already installed on the valve.
  4. Install lock washer (2A0736-104P) on threaded end of retainer (1V0272).
  5. Screw the factory assembled detent mechanism into the end of the spool. Loctite #271, 9-11 ft. Ibs. torque recommended.
  6. Replace end cap and the four socket head cap screws.

Conversion is now complete. Save the spring centering mechanism in the event that reconversion should ever be desired.