Seal Replacement for DB, DE and DU Cylinders

Manuals And Options Seal Replacement For Db De Du Cylinders
  1. Remove all port obstructions and make sure all oil has been drained from the cylinder.
  2. Clamp rod end mount (14) in vise and fully extend cylinder. If there is no mount, protect rod threads while clamping.
  3. Remove the four tie bolt nuts (4) on head end and pull out the tie bolts from the base end.
  4. Remove the base (17) and slip the tube off of the head (15). If necessary, gently tap the head and base with a rubber mallet to loosen.
  5. Remove piston nut and slip piston (16) and head off rod (13). Drive piston off with head.
  6. Remove old seals from head, piston and base.
  7. Wash and check all parts for excessive wear or obvious defect which might interfere with operation.
  8. Lubricate all new seals with STP or heavy oil before assembling.
  9. Install new seals (6)(10) and (11) in head taking care to position the I.D. U-cup (10) as shown. To install the wiper (11), place a thin, flat piece of metal against it & tap into place. Be sure the wiper is positioned squarely & evenly in the groove with lip facing out as shown.
  10. Install O-ring (6) and back-ups (1) on piston as indicated.
  11. Install O-ring (6) on the base.
  12. With a twisting motion push head onto rod. Apply a few drops of loctite #277 to piston rod shoulder and reassemble piston onto rod.
  13. Torque piston nut according to table #1. Lube head & piston seals.
  14. Slide tube over piston and onto head. Replace base making sure parts are properly aligned to avoid cutting O-rings.
  15. Replace tie rods and torque nuts as specified in table #2.
  16. Hand stroke cylinder to check for binding.
  17. Your cylinder is now ready for operation.

Cross Manufacturing Inc. assumes no responsibility for future malfunctions of or damage to equipment including parts if above procedures are not followed.